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Fosi Vegue, management
Talavera de la Reina, 1976

Photographer and member of Blank Paper Collective since its foundation in 2003. Passionate about photography, art and cinema, in 2006 he decided to establish the School, with in mind the type of institution where he himself would have liked to study at. This meant a school which was close to its students and aimed at renewing and exploring photographic language beyond its technical side, as well as a place that would function as a dynamic platform where different types of activities linked to photography could take place. He loves photobooks, which have become a fundamental  tool in the classes that he teaches. This passion for books is at the same time feared by our accountant and deeply valued by the rest of the team.

Miren Pastor, coordination
Pamplona, 1985

Photographer and cultural provocateur. After a four-month photography course that had a bigger impact on her than her four years of Fine Arts studies, she was immediately hooked to the School’s spirit. She started collaborating as an intern and has now she coordinates just about everything going on at Blank Paper. A photobook addict, she never misses a chance to carry out BookJockeys with the intention of experimenting and promoting this format.

Cecilia Vegue, administration
Talavera de la Reina, 1980

In charge of the School’s accounting and administration, she is also the person you will talk to if you visit the School in the mornings. She has a hawk’s eye when it comes to finding a typo in the texts that we publish. A mini-collector of works by ex-students and photographers that have visited the school.

Olmo González, communication
Madrid, 1981

He started off as a student taking one of our courses and despite being a finalist for our Master’s scholarship, he decided to hang on to the school by arranging activities for the Play Blank Paper collective. He became our community manager and is now partly in charge of the communication of the School. He is never more than one metre away from his mobile phone.

Ángela Losa, secretariat
Donostia, 1987 

After several courses, she decided to start organizing fanzine workshops and other type of activities that had not yet been implemented at the School yet. She is now in charge of the reception and gives information to students and potential students about the School every afternoon. She is still quite fond of paper and staples.